Reflections on War

Reflections On War is currently part of a non-funded project undertaken by KVCR to document the experiences of War Veterans living in southern California.

This project invites War Veterans and War-time survivors into its' studios to sit down and talk about their personal experiences. The goal of the project is designed to educate the community on past wars and the sacrifices made by these men and women. This form of oral and visual history reshapes stereotypical war education in a way many have never imagined.

KVCR believes the personal witness of War Veterans are the most effective ambassadors of memory, history, hope and tenacity and should be preserved for future generations to learn from, for the families of the survivors to help understand, and for the National Archives in preservation of our history. All of the stories included in The Reflections On War series will preserve forever, the precious personal testimonies not currently provided in our nations archives.

To purchase one of the series DVD's call KVCR Member Services at (909) 384-4350. All proceeds go to help the continuation of these interviews.