American Experience - Mount Rushmore:

High on a granite cliff in South Dakota tower the huge carved faces of four American presidents. Together they constitute the world's largest sculpture. How, and when, was it carved? Who possessed the audacity to create such a gargantuan work? The story of Mount Rushmore's creation is as bizarre and wonderful as the monument itself. It is the story of hucksterism and hyperbole, of a massive public works project in the midst of an economic depression. And it is the story of dozens of ordinary Americans who suddenly found themselves suspended high on a cliff face with drills and hammers as a sculptor they considered insane directed them in the creation of what some would call a monstrosity and others a masterpiece.

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The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Palm Springs this August!  Bring your antiques, get them appraised, and perhaps you'll appear on an upcoming episode!  KVCR is offering some VIP tickets to the event!  Click on the picture to find out more! 


On Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, the Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) presented its 2015 Award winners. Pictured is IEEP President and CEO Paul Granillo, KVCR General Manager Alfredo Cruz, San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees President John Longville, President of the IE Region Wells Fargo Community Bank Elevin Martinez, and IEEP Board Chair, Brett Guge. 

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Nova - Vikings Unearthed:

They were pioneering warriors, expert seafarers and colonists of the North Atlantic realm. The Vikings even claimed in their sagas to have reached America. And now, new evidence is coming to light that these pioneering people may have ventured even farther than we had originally suspected. Renowned space archeologist Dr. Sarah Parcak takes up the case, and is on the trail of the Vikings. What she discovers just might rewrite history, for it's possible she has uncovered the first Vikings site discovered in North America in 55 years.

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Nova - Operation Lighthouse Rescue:

The Gay Head Lighthouse, a historic landmark perched high on the cliffs of Martha's Vineyard, is soon to become the next victim of the ocean's relentless erosion of the island's cliffs. Join engineers as they race to rescue this national treasure.

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