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Masterpiece Slumber Party:

Call your friends, grab some pillows, pop some popcorn and get several boxes of tissues ready for KVCR declares the next several Saturdays to be Downton Abbey slumber parties. Every Saturday from midnight to 5:00am (Friday night going into Saturday morning) we will be showing every episode of Downton Abbey from season 2 to season 5.

Tonight at midnight: Downton Abbey Season 2 - Episodes 5 to 7


Mr. Selfridge Season 3:

The roaring 20s is about to get more roaring.

Coming April 6



Friday History Night:

Friday nights on KVCR are for discovering fascinating stories of history.  At 7:00pm, this picture has the History Detectives baffled.  The African American soldier on the right is wearing a Civil War uniform... for the Confederacy!  Was this man a slave or was he free?  And who is the soldier on the left?  Then at 8:00pm, on an all new episode of Antiques Roadshow, someone has a Chinese Imperial ceremonial outfit from 1900, acquired on a missionary trip to China and left in a storage building for more than 50 years, today appraised at $100,000 to $150,000.  Then, at 9:00pm it's a look at how the Women's Airforce Service Pilots broke through barriers during World War II in "We Served Too".

Tonight at 7:00pm  History Detectives

Tonight at 8:00pm  Antiques Roadshow

Tonight at 9:00pm  We Served Too